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The Suraj Ceramics Industries, Bikaner, is manufacturer of high and low Tension Porcelain Insulators upto 400 KV, in the first phase of its production.

This modern and sophisticated unit is engaged more than 145 workers phase wise. The workers are highly skilled and dedicated and motivated by the recognition they receive, besides the regular remunerations. They adopt their traditional skills to the demand of modern and latest technology.

Under the guidance of widely acclaimed and acknowledged technical Experts in the field of ceramics, a team of highly skilled workers are specially trained and developed with an application of Modern and appropriate technology, proper and intelligent technical guidance: Suraj Ceramics Industries turn into a wide range of products. These products are meet rigid standards of quality required under the specifications of Bureau Of Indian Standard (I.S.I),IEC and customers own requirements.

Suraj Ceramic Industries meets the special needs of customers for their own designed / special insulators. The prime requirements are dependable quality, accurate dimensions, adequate testing facilities, punctual execution of orders reasonable prices. It is the pleasant priviliged of this modern plant to develop many items designed to suit the specific needs of customers. Bulk of the production programmed comprises of these special purpose repairers besides Standard Insulators for Transformer Manufacturer and repairers. We have the planning to produce insulators for Distribution and Current Transformers , Cable Boxes, Lighting Arrestor, Insulators for Overhead, Transmission Lines and Post and Telegraph Insulators. Whatever needs for special insulators upto 400 KV. Rating, we have the knowledge, capacity, expertise .and willingness to accept the challenges of difficult task.

Suraj Ceramics Industries specializes in manufacturing and exporting insulator, bushings and accessories for power transmission lines and substations. In addition to supplying high-quality goods to our clients, we also supply superior technical assistance and services to meet their various needs. Our reliable quality, aggressive prices and high-quality business practices have enabled us to establish successful business relationships with companies around the world. We provide our Services to Establish Ceramic Industry for Production of Insulator and Electrical Porcelain or Tableware Industries in any Country in the Whole world.


For high-voltage power transmission Insulator is used. This Insulator is made from glass, porcelain or composite polymer resources. Porcelain insulator is finished from clay, quartz or alumina and feldspar, and is enclosed with a soft glaze to shed water. Insulator made from porcelain is wealthy in alumina is used where high mechanical power is a standard. Porcelain insulator has a dielectric power is almost 4 - 10 kV/mm. Glass insulator has a higher dielectric power, but it pull condensation and the thick unequal shapes needed for insulator are difficult to cast without inner strains. Some Insulator providers stopped manufacturing glass Insulator in the late 1960s, switching to ceramic materials.

In recent times, several electric utilities have begun commuting to polymer complex materials for various types of Insulator. These are usually composed of a central rod made of fiber strong plastic and external conditions shed made of silicone rubber or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber. Composite Insulator is less valuable, lighter in weight, and has excellent hydrophobic capability. This mixture makes them ideal for service in impure areas. However, these materials do not yet have the long-term confirmed service life of glass and porcelain.
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