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Cylindrical Post Insulators


Rating:                             Upto 1175 KV
Mechanical Strength:       ---
Creeping Distance:          Upto 6500 MM
Type of Glaze:                  Brown
Net Weight:                      Upto 175 Kg
Applicable Standards:      IS: 731-1971


We offer Cylindrical Post Insulators that have a metal bolt down base as opposed to threads. We provide availability of post insulators in varying specifications as per the drawings of our respected clients. Cylindrical post insulator of approximately cylindrical shape consisting of one or more insulating components with a metal part attached to each end; the metal part may consist of a cap, insert or projection with plain or tapped holes for connection by bolts or screws. Huge increase in leakage distance is necessary for cylindrical post insulators and ceramic shells with increase in standard distance.

Detailed Specifications

Cylindrical Post Insulators :

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