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Suraj Ceramics Industries - About Us

In a market where competency powers bottom lines, trustworthiness becomes the key driver for productivity and performance. Steady reliability can be achieved only through a focused approach and skillful implementation of world class practices.

The advanced machines at Suraj Ceramics Plant, function with high level of time & cost efficiency resulting in reasonable price of products for the clients. The employees are far more than admirably. It is efficient, well-trained, qualified and responsible. The company has chosen the best ceramic engineers mostly from renowned institutes. The employees also have an in-depth knowledge of the entire product range.

Our goods have benchmarked industry standards in technology and excellence to deliver highly dependable products, building us one of the most trusted names in the industry.Suraj Ceramics Industries Insulators leverages technical expertise accrued through many years in the industry. The company provides a comprehensive range of high-performance insulators to the power industries in India.

Our wide-ranging products includes pin, post, disc, shackle, guy, hollow insulators with L.T. and H.T. transformer bushings, finding applications in substation equipment and in transmission systems.

Suraj Ceramics Industries - Quality Objective

  • To get better customer satisfaction and decrease customer complaints.
  • To get better quality delivery, presentation & process capability.
  • To reduce negative response, re-work and wastes.
  • To reduce negative response, re-work and wastes.
  • To get better worker guidance and progress.

Suraj Ceramics Industries - Ceramics Insulators

Suraj Ceramics formed a CALCULATED TRADE UNIT for ceramics product and system under the banner of Ceramic Business Unit. Ceramic Business Unit is committed to the development of trade in ceramics and its connected systems. This trade unit deal with High tension Ceramics Insulator, ceramics wear resistant liners, Industrial ceramics product, combined ceramics insulator and connected systems.

Suraj Ceramics Industries Ltd. is a recognized supplier of high voltage ceramics insulator in Bikaner. By positive characteristics benefit and better quality and aggressive price, we have recognized good business connection with more than 20 countries around the world. Our Company has recognized a firm stands on electrical power ceramics insulator. After more than a few years’ growth, we have developed a strong technical support and sale power. In addition to providing products according to our own design, we also provide our superior technical assistance to our customers to develop new products according to a variety of needs of them. We welcome clients at home and abroad cooperating with us. In the plan of high quality of ceramic insulators, our company has been centering on clients, and offering best power products and comfortable service for you.

We guarantee our clients that the utensils, method and technique use for our products are directly monitored in each step. Constant implementation and upgrading or our method and statistical controls guarantee that our products are true-to-pattern and dimensionally exact. This guarantee our products are with the property and size that make it right for its projected use. Our promise to superiority is reflect in our metallurgical laboratory. A recent spectrometer gives us a quick, exact chemical analysis of the metals we cast. This firm organizes of metal chemistry, supplement by material testing and atomic inspection, results in stiff manage of the mechanical, substantial and manufacturing properties of every casting we pour. We are dedicated to superiority check at vital steps in the manufacturing method. Using modern utensils and procedures, as well as magnetic particle testing, tensile testing, hardness testing, substance analysis, atomic test and dimensional check, we assure that the most demanding terms will be met.

At related Ceramics & Skill, Inc., we differentiate ourselves from our competitor with our capability to assist our clients in the manufacturing specifications of their complex ceramics element. We have a complete service plan and developed team. We have ceramic engineers, manufacturing engineers, and tool designers involved in every project from beginning. By involving this expert team from the start, we are capable to support our clients in designing manufactured goods that meet their supplies for material and substance property. These products can be made-up at high volumes and at the lowest possible price. During the design method our team focuses on the quality of the design and the skill to produce class products. The ceramic engineers are capable to deal with the required physical and chemical property of the complete product. These similar engineers supervise the daily research of the ceramic bodies used in manufacturing. They know the product and the process and what is essential for every application.

The instrument designers are capable to offer contribution in the design of an instrument which will be price effective to build and keep. These same designers supervise the manufacturing of the utensils which will be used to manufacture the finished product. We have an in-house tools shop to create our utensils on sight for the best quality and least cost to our clients.

The manufacturing engineers take into deliberation the day to day process of the tools and the industrial aspect of producing a part which meets or exceeds the client’s specifications. They also deal with the quality concern of the client. They oversee the day to day manufacturing and know what will be essential in order to meet the client’s manufacture schedule.

We satisfied ourselves on having a administration team that is involved in the manufacturing process and human resources who are faithful to superiority. We are capable to produce a high volume of quality ceramics parts, on time, at tremendously aggressive price.

Electrical ceramics insulator is used in applications that require a non-conductive firm element and basis for heat dissipation. Although all ceramics formulations can be used in electrical applications, Steatite and Alumina are the most regular option due to their outstanding electrical properties. Ceramics insulator usually has coating apply include glazing. Metallization of ceramics insulator is widespread practice for easiness of installation into control panel and electrical boards through soldering.

Ceramics insulator is most often used to provide non-conductive bridges between electronic gears; on the other hand, they are also installed into control panel and boxes as a heat sink. We are able of producing a large range of geometries for ceramic heat sinks and ceramics insulator. Suraj Ceramics also developed long-running alliance with external vendors and suppliers to provide our customers with a range of capabilities for ceramic fabrication that allows us to provide the best quality ceramic products for the best price.

Ceramics Insulator comes in many sizes, shapes and colors. They were made of many different types’ materials including rubber, porcelain, pottery, glass, composition, fiberglass, metal, wood and mica. Glass and porcelain insulators are widely collected by company and shade.

Insulators have been used ever since Samuel Morse transmitted the first telegraph message over a short telegraph line along a railroad between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD in 1844. Glass insulators were first designed in the 1850s for utilize with telegraph lines that were quickly going up across America. In the 1920s electrical energy and telephone signal moved over open copper wire. At each pole glass or ceramics insulator was used. There are a large range of insulators made up of porcelain, ceramic, stoneware and other linked materials. Collectors mainly focus on pin type ceramics insulator used on early radio receiver antennas.

Suraj Ceramics can provide the entire range of ceramic insulators. The high tension ceramics insulator include pin insulator, disc insulator, post insulator, cable box, transformer bushings, anti-fog transformer bushings, current transformer bushings, lighting Aarestors, solid core porcelain post type as well as low tension ceramics insulator of transformed bushings, shackle type insulators, spool type insulators, reel type insulators and guy strain insulators

Ceramics Insulator is essential to aerial distribution of electricity. The function of Ceramics Insulator is to separate high voltage conductors from earth. The equipment and manufacture used must not only have high dielectric strength but be sufficiently mechanically strong to withstand the high loads exerted by the conductors in all environment conditions. Because of their importance, Ceramics Insulator must meet exact mechanical supplies and they must be reliable. The crash of a single insulator can cause the shutdown of a distribution line, creating disturbance of Power.

Suraj Ceramics is a premier company specializing in manufacturing of high Voltage Electro- Transmission Ceramics Insulator and Sub-Station Ceramics Insulator for customers in the Electrical Transmission and Distribution Industry apart from railway electrification and electrical switchgear and control equipment makers.
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