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At Suraj Ceramics Industries, we offer manufacturing services for small and extended run manufacture. Included are excrescence of shapes up to 5" in diameter, pressing, machining, assembly and grinding to tight tolerances, glazing and extra specialized finishes. Suraj Ceramics can supply highly precise gears, but also standard tolerance, cost effective solutions depending on the specific application need. Small tooling costs, particularly for small and sample quantities, are often possible as a result of our production methods. Materials include, but not limited to, steatite, cordierite and alumina. We are head in the production of quality ceramic insulators.

Suraj Ceramics is committed to the continuous growth of our capabilities, both with respect to materials and manufacture methods, to expand our skill to solve your troubles. We are also committed to maintaining the flexibility to professionally handle both small and large production runs and to be able to offer service to both small and large clients with equal attention.

Our extremely skilled staff provide years of knowledge in the ceramic insulators industry and offer the production capability to handle your project from concept through completion. We enjoy the challenge of working with you to recognize and implement the most cost effective solutions to your ceramic needs.

The changeless target of Suraj Ceramics Industries is a superior level of quality and service at competitive prices. The single opening alumina tube type ceramic insulators are obtainable in six inch lengths. The tubes are constructed of a pure 99% alumina ceramic that has superior gas and vacuum tension and outstanding insulating properties even at high temperatures. They are suggested for use in mass spectrometers and extra vacuum systems as feed through lines, thermocouple ceramic insulators, and in other applications requiring electrical and thermal ceramic insulators. Other verities are also available - two hole, four hole ceramic insulators tubes, and solid rods.

Suraj Ceramics Industries are one of the best growing manufacturer, supplier and exporter of ceramic insulators and porcelain goods. We offer end to end Ceramic Insulators solutions including High Alumina ceramic items to the Air Pollution and Power Sector.

We can provide the whole variety of ceramic insulators. The high tension ceramic insulators include disc insulator, anti-fog disc insulators, pin insulators, cable box, transformer bushings, post insulators, anti-fog transformer bushings, current transformer bushings, solid core post type as well as low tension ceramic insulators of transformed bushings, shackle type insulators, spool type insulators, reel type insulators, pin type insulators and guy strain insulators.

We design and supply premium quality Industrial Ceramic Insulators for different uses and requirements of our clients. Made of high quality raw materials, these Ceramic Insulators are made as per the exact industry specifications and offer flawless performance and durability.

We offer our customers large collection of Electrical Ceramic Insulators which are manufactured using best quality substance. These are available in different sizes and are commonly used by our customers. Our inclusive range of A. B. Switches is used in different industries as equipment. Our variety is manufactured using best rating of electronic gears.

Our Tension Hardware Fittings can be availed at quite competitive prices as well. Further, we deliver our products within the stipulated time if delivery for the extreme satisfaction of our customers. With time and diligent effort, we have fixed a place for ourselves as one of the bigger hardware equipment manufacturers.

Deals in exporting and manufacturing of electrical gears such as ceramic insulators, manufacturing structure and high alumina antiís way ceramic insulators without grooving and bimetallic tee connector for twin conductor. Also deals in Ceramic Insulators, Isolator and Electronic Fuses etc.

At Suraj Ceramics we control the inventiveness, passion and expertise of our engineers to pursue gradually highly developed ceramic insulation solutions. We provide market leading products such as Insulating Fibers, Firebricks and Monolithic although it is our integrated approach, which incorporates design, manufacture and installation which really sets us apart.

Wherever you are in the world, the Suraj Ceramics manufacturing services ensure that you will be provided with the top level of service and support, throughout the development and purchasing of your ceramic insulation solutions.

As well as environmental coverage and excellent engineering expertise, Suraj Ceramics are committed to expansive research and growth ensuring that our goods remain at the technical edge and continue to push limitations.
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