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Suraj Ceramics Industries delivers highly trustworthy porcelain insulators products, making the company one of the most trusted names in the industry. Suraj Ceramics Industries provides a broad range of high-performance porcelain insulators to the power trade in India.

Our insulators outfit to the complete band of sub-station and transmission insulators. We concentrate in the design of high strength porcelains insulators for use in SF6 circuit breakers, condenser bushings, instrument transformers, disconnectors etc. for the traction system of the Indian Railways.

Suraj Ceramics Industries - Ceramic Insulator

Once we take notice of the word ceramic, we are inclined to imagine of tiles, pots, art-ware, dinnerware, pottery, brick and toilets. These goods are usually referred to as regular or silicate-based ceramic. Whilst these established goods have been and continue to be, important to the civilization, a new class of ceramics has transpired - that most people are unaware of. These advanced or technical, modern or industrial ceramics are being used for applications such as space shuttle tile, engine gears, artificial bones and teeth, computers and other electronic gears and cutting tools, just to name a few.

The utterance Ceramic is derivative from a Greek utterance ‘Keramos’ meaning ‘potter’ or ‘pottery’. Keramos in turn was originated from a Sanskrit root – meaning ‘to burn’. Hence, the word Keramos was to understand ‘burned substance’ or ‘burned earth’.

Ceramics have been associated the human race since very old times. Archaeologists have unearthed man-made ceramics that date back to at least 25,000 BC. Ancient Ceramics were made of basic earthen materials like clay and were burnt in domes. Human inventiveness slowly started with firing these articles at higher temperatures to reach harder Ceramic articles. This desire of getting harder substances steered the human races to invent better firing techniques. The human zest and nature’s mystery have come a long way from basic earthen wares to modern world highly developed ceramics.

As Ceramics are finished with earthen materials, they are the mainly compatible goods with the nature. Ceramics are the only materials which are nature friendly and therefore they are free from decays due to gradual natural impacts like corrosion, erosion, abrasion, thermal shocks, etc. Even though Ceramics are breakable; they are the only materials which manage to survive to see the races to come. Hence, we may call them a strong - delicate part of human life.

We can also explain ceramic as inorganic, non-metallic resources that are normally shaped using clays and other minerals from the earth or chemically processed powders.

Ceramics are normally crystalline in character and are compounds formed between metallic and non-metallic elements such as aluminum and oxygen (alumina), silicon and nitrogen (silicon nitride), silicon and carbon (silicon carbide), etc.

Suraj Ceramics Industries is one of the fastest rising supplier, provider, manufacturer and exporter of ceramic insulator and porcelain products. We offer close to close Insulator solutions as well as High porcelain ceramic matter to the Air Pollution and Power Sector.

Suraj Ceramic Industries meets the individual requirements of clients for their own designed / special ceramic insulator. The most important supplies are dependable quality, accurate dimensions, sufficient testing facilities, prompt execution of orders on reasonable prices. It is the satisfying privileged of this modern plant to increase many things designed to suit the specific needs of clients. Bulk of the manufacture programmed comprises of these special purpose repairers besides normal Ceramic Insulator for Transformer Manufacturer and repairers. We have the planning to manufacture ceramic insulator for supply and Current Transformers, Cable Boxes, Insulator for Overhead, Transmission Lines and Post and Telegraph Insulator. Anything needs for special ceramic insulator up to 400 KV. Rating, we have the information, ability, skill .and willingness to accept the challenges of hard assignment.

Suraj ceramics can offer the whole range of ceramic insulator. The high tension ceramic insulator contain pin insulator, disc insulator, post insulator, cable box, transformer bushings, anti-fog transformer bushings, current transformer bushings, solid core porcelain post type as well as low tension insulator of transformed bushings, shackle type insulator, spool type insulator, reel type insulator, pin type insulator and guy strain insulator.

We design and offer premium superiority Industrial Ceramic Insulator for different uses and requirements of our clients. Made of high quality raw materials, this Ceramic Insulator are made as per the correct industry condition and offer perfect performance and strength. We offer a wide range of Electrical Connectors. We provide connector that is known for its maximum flexibility as well as conductivity is available with us and provide you at all affordable prices in India.
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