What is an Insulator

An insulator is usage anywhere, where energy transmission from one place to another as recognizable light and other electromagnetic energy. an insulator prevents discharge in electrical usage, from an electrical wire or system. An insulator and weather stripping is a materials, whom control environmental to observation the movement of heat, keeping warm areas warm and cool areas cool. In buildings, especially in earthquake prone regions, springs are employed to insulate the building itself from the energy of mechanical vibrations. Ducts insulation is applied to the duct to protect the occupants of the building from the noise energy of the air inside the ducts. The type of visible light energy, infrared energy, and ultraviolet energy , there are used to insulate. insulators are used in window drapes, shades, blinds, and glass.

Glasses insulators used to protect eyes from ultraviolet A, B, or C rays, And sun lotion insulator protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun. the blanket and paper towels, newspaper and aluminum foil would be the best insulator because they are the thickest, fluffiest insulator. If you realize that the front of all cars now has a "Crumple Zone", then if you think about it, that crumple zone is also an insulator. In is deliberately designed to prevent the energy associated with a collision from entering the passenger compartment and injuring passengers.

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